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UPSC I HCS I UPPCS I BPSC current affairs MCQ

UPSC I HCS I UPPCS I BPSC current affairs MCQ

UPSC I HCS I UPPCS I BPSC current affairs MCQ


Q1. A term “ calibrated tightening” was in news recently. What does this term associated with

(a) Financial consolidation
(b) Monetary policy
(c ) Control on law and order situation in a state
(d ) Cut in government expenses

Q2. Which of the following is main objective of RBI monetary policy?

(a) To ensure inflation remains in the targeted range
(b ) To ensure people have more purchasing power in hand
(c ) To control on the depreciation of Rupee against dollar
(d ) To minimise current account deficit

Q3. When rupee depreciate it will have
(a) Positive impact on exports
(b ) Positive impact on imports
(c ) Positive impact on serving external debt
(d ) Positive impact on current account deficit

Q4. Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct about 2018 Nobel peace prize?
1. It was given for efforts in making aware people about human rights in war hit areas
2. It was given for efforts to end use of sexual violence as a weapon of war
3. It was shared by three persons
4. All award winner(s) is/are from African countries

Choose the correct statement(s)

(a) 1,2
(b) 2
(c ) 1,2,4
(d ) 2,4

Q5. When rupee falls likely impact of policy actions can be

(a) Increase in foreign exchange reserve
(b) Decrease in foreign exchange reserve
(c ) Incentives for import
(d ) Lowering interest rate


For answer / explanation watch this video

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