psychology optional paper HCS mains 2004 Frontier IAS
Baljit Dhaka

psychology optional paper HCS mains 2004 Frontier IAS

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psychology optional paper HCS mains 2004 

HCS Mains Psychology 2004 

Time : 3 Hours              Maximum Marks : 150 

Note : Attempt Five questions in all. All questions carry equal marks. Q. No. l is compulsory. Answer two questions from Part I and two questions from Part II. The parts of the same question must be answered together and must not be interposed between answers to other questions.

1.Write Critical notes with the help of decided cases on any four of the following:  (4 X 7.5 =30)

(a) Nature and advantages of within and between factorial experimental designs

(b) Role of nervous system and endocrine glands in emotions

(c) The Indian approach to personality 

(d) Nature and process of client centered therapy 

(e) Steps in change process and resistance to change 

(f)  The problems of aged people.

Part I

2. (a) Critically examine the view that  “perception is an informed construction”.

(b) Describe the implicit and explicit measures of memory. (30)


(a) Discuss critically Gardner's View that there are multiple intelligences.

(b) What is Creativity ? Distinguish it from intelligence. (30)


4. (a) De?ne values and describe its types.

(b) What is intrinsic motivation ? How does it relate to performance ? (30)


  1. What is the nature and etiology of psychosomatic disorders? Why are they increasing in the contemporary period?  (30) 
  2. Examine the consequences of workers’ participation in management on motivation and productivity.    (30) 
  3. Describe the types and functions of a group and examine the role of group identity in member behaviour.               (30 )