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Is HCS exam conducted every year?

Is HCS exam conducted every year?

HCS is an exam conducted by Haryana Public Service Commission. Like UPSC conducts higher level exams for central services and all India services. Similarly, HPSC conducts high-level exams for top jobs in Haryana.

Previously these exams were conducted in 2011, 2014, and then 2018.  

However, as per government cabinet decisions, these exams will be conducted regularly on a yearly basis like UPSC. Due to certain reasons and circumstances, these exams still need to take shape to be conducted yearly.  Other states PCS like UPPCS, BPSC has started to conducted exams annually and they publish the calendar in advance.


When can the next HCS exam be conducted?

HPSC will conduct the next HCS exam in 2020. Notification can be released at any time. Earlier according to confirmed sources notification was supposed to release in April 2020. But due to unprecedented COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Students are advised to be ready for the exam and instead of waiting, it is time to focus on the exam preparation. After notification, the time will be revision and test series. So cover the entire syllabus immediately and then focus on solving as many as possible questions. 

Where can a student find complete guidance?

Frontier IAS provided complete guidance free of cost. We make videos and write from time to time. You can chat in the chatbox right corner below and also subscribe to the regular news updates.

Where to take coaching for the HCS exam?

Frontier IAS is the No. 1 coaching institute for HCS exam. Frontier IAS provides only online coaching. 

Why students take online coaching? 

  • It gives students the flexibility to choose which topic they should focus more and which topic less
  • In classroom coaching, there is a lot of time wastage in going and coming from home
  • There are very high chances that high-quality coaching may not be available nearby you
  • In online coaching, there is a big research and development team for content development. They work from their places all over India. So quality staff and faculty can be hired from anywhere in India.
  • The focus is on content development so students get quality content at a lesser price.
  • Mostly students who are engineering, science, medical, and professional background, they always prefer online mode instead of wasting time in the classroom.
  • Students can watch videos or read ebooks at any time during the day or night.
  • Contents quality is much better and time wastage scope is very less
  • Classroom coaching despite low quality is very costly while online coaching is chapter despite the better quality.
  • Students can join from any corner of the world in online coaching and the number of students joining is many times as compared to classroom coaching helping to reduce overall cost.

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