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HPSC Naib Tehsildar New " Online Coaching Batch" from 7th Jan

HPSC Naib Tehsildar New ” Online Coaching Batch” from 7th Jan

HPSC Naib Tehsildar New ” Online Coaching Batch” from 7th Jan

Frontier IAS Coaching Centre established in year 2010, a unit of Pinnacle New Era Coaching Centre which provides Online Coaching for UPSC/HPSC exams.

on 28th Dec 2015, HPSC declared syllabus for Naib Tehsildar Post. Click official website HPSC for syllabus. However broader outlines of syllabus is that Maths, Reasoning, English, GK are the subjects which aspirants should prepare. In syllabus there is important part of writing skills ability.

HPSC Naib Tehsildar New " Online Coaching Batch" from 7th Jan
HPSC Naib Tehsildar New ” Online Coaching Batch” from 7th Jan

It is unfortunate that HPSC has declared syllabus after 4 months of recruitment ad. However those aspirants who will take preparation seriously will have very high chances to be selected.

When will be the expected date of exam?

Exam may be conducted by HPSC in 60+ days. So next 2-3 months preparation will ensure your success. Click here to download naib Tehsildar Frontier IAS Coaching Schedule. To see sample video lectures click on hyperlink in the PDF file.

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To Join Course click here

Naib Tehsildar
Naib Tehsildar

About New Syllabus and Frontier IAS Approach:

HPSC has given in syllabus all four subjects i.e. Maths, English, GK, reasoning. Frontier IAS designed and made schedule day wise for 60 days how we will cover the syllabus. We will provide PDF files through email , the notes which will be according to the schedule. To support learning we will provide Video lectures of each subject ( around 200 video lectures will be part of it). PDF files will be printable and Video lectures link can be downloaded and will be active till exam.

If you have any doubt in maths, reasoning, English, GK you can ask through emails/whatsapp. This support service will be provided till exam.

The most important feature: Forcing you to make schedule: weekly Test

We will conduct weekly test about the syllabus covered in that particular week. Weekly test will be online only and no other way to take test. But you can take this test on Sunday between 4 pm-12 pm at any time. Duration of the test will be 1 hour. This will ensure and force you to maintain discipline. We will provide User ID and Password for online software Like IBPS exam.

20 Full Length Online tests:

After the course, there will be 20 Online + PDF version (you can take printout if you want OMR test)  full Length Tests to evaluate you before the exam.

Writing ability tests: We will also provide you weekly writing test and you can send us for evaluation. You can scan and send to us through Whatsapp or email.

Saturday and Sunday revision days

We have kept Saturday as revision day so that you can revise what you have done in the whole week or could not find time to complete your home work. On Sunday you will enough time to revise before taking final weekly test. That is why we have kept in latter half of the day.

How this course is different from Classroom Coaching?

Now a days aspirants have changed habits of study. The most of the people are comfortable to use digital contents. This helps in many ways:

  • It will reduce wastage of time. In attending classroom coaching classes you waste a lot of time.
  • Video lectures can be watched for unlimited times why classroom coaching can not be listen again.
  • You have your own flexibility of study and learning. So it gives ample scope to improve time management.
  • It gives opportunity to ask questions, in classroom coaching you may not be able ask questions.

So we have prepared course and designed the schedule carefully to make you successful. Let us together make it.

All the Best!


Baljit Dhaka

Director Frontier IAS and Pinnacle

Gurudwara Road, Model Town, Hisar, Haryana


email: [email protected]

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