Government portals and apps in Haryana
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Government portals and apps in Haryana

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Government portals and apps in Haryana

IT: Government portals and apps in Haryana

Government portals and apps in Haryana

Keeping in view Digital India’s vision of faceless, paperless, and cashless service/scheme delivery, the government of Haryana has launched a number of online portals as well as apps. The government is using the latest IT and Geo-spatial technologies for effective implementation of G-governance initiatives under the "CM Digital Haryana mission". Some of the prominent portals and apps are:

Web Portals / Online Platforms

Antyodaya-SARAL Portal

Antyodaya-SARAL is a unified platform to deliver and track Government-to-Citizen (G2C) services/schemes across the state.

  • A Single Service Delivery Portal for Citizens
  • Live to track of the status of service requests
  • Timely delivery of services/schemes

MyGov platform

It was launched on July 26, 2014, by the Prime Minister of India. 

  • It is a participatory governance initiative. 
  • MyGov brings the government closer to the common man. 
  • It provides an interface for a healthy exchange of ideas and views involving the common citizen and experts.

CM Window

This portal is to bring transparency in governance and ensure prompt redressal of people’s grievances. It has the twin objective of minimum administration-maximum governance and to try and provide benefits of the welfare schemes to all.

  • It is a grievances redressal and monitoring system in Haryana.
  • It is implemented at all Districts at e-Disha Kendras & Sub-Division Offices.
  • These grievances are registered at the CM Window counters online.
  • The citizens get the SMS on his/her mobile phone with the grievance registration number.
  • This number is used by complainants for tracking grievance redressal online. 

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Haryana Udhyam Memorandum (HUM) portal

It is developed with the objective of creating a Database of all the employees engaged in enterprises in Haryana. The portal covers the entire universe of enterprises working in Haryana, irrespective of the size or type.

  • It provides a unique identification number to all enterprises - shops, MSMEs, large and mega industries. 
  • It is to enable permissions and services from the government to be provided in an integrated manner. 

E- Districts Haryana

Users can register to apply for various certificates in Haryana. Users can get details related to various certificates such as birth certificate, death certificate, Caste certificate, income certificate, Residence certificate, etc.

Mobile / Android Applications


It is a Citizen Grievance mobile app. 

  • It enables citizens to report the road conditions like damaged road and accident blackspot along with location-based information and photographs.
  • The citizen's complaint is then routed to the concerned engineer of the respective responsible department ( PWD - Buildings and Roads, Haryana State Agricultural Marketing Board, Haryana Urban Development Authority, and Urban Local Bodies Department ). 
  • One can also track the status of the action taken.
  • The solution is powered by National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC), Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on Bhuvan Geo-platform.


It is an Android application and web portal. It is for digital payment and monitoring of the state's authorized social health workers.

  • Verification and acceptance of the performance and evaluation report of Asha workers will also be digital via this portal.
  • Earlier this was done in person, due to which the submission of the report and payment of the amount was delayed.

This mobile application has been launched for college students. 

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Shiksha Setu

  • It provides information regarding the fee, attendance, scholarship, and online admission of all government colleges in the state.
  • It provides updates of important things such as circulars, notices, and other programs to students as well as teachers.

Swachh Haryana Mobile App

It will enable people to get information related to cleanliness. Citizens can lodge their complaints regarding Municipal Services to their respective Municipalities directly.

Complaints can be lodged under the following categories:

  • Garbage collection
  • Streetlights: Streetlight not operational
  • Road sweeping: Road sweeping not done
  • Nala cleaning: Nala cleaning not done
  • Public Toilets: Toilet not clean, etc.

Help Me

It is a mobile application. This app is to provide all the necessary services including telemedicine, movement passes, assistance in procurement, delivery of dry ration and cooked food, education material, etc,  in a single application, amid the corona crisis. It is specially designed to help the needy during the corona crisis.

Sampark Baithak

It is a mobile application. It is for children in the state’s primary schools to help them study from home during the lockdown period.

  • The application has about 500 videos and audio of various concepts.
  • Mathematics has been explained in a simple manner.
  • A lot of stories and poems are available in Hindi. 
  • Children can use worksheets available to practice.
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