Which is the best coaching institute for Haryana civil services in Chandigarh or Delhi?
Baljit Dhaka
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Which is the best coaching institute for Haryana civil services in Chandigarh or Delhi?

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Which is the best coaching institute for Haryana civil services in Chandigarh or Delhi or Haryana?

To choose what is best, we need to understand the quality of the contents instead of marketing propaganda. Many institutes influence students through their marketing agenda especially mock interviews for HCS or after selection interviews. Students need to understand taking interviews and proving coaching are two different things. How can students judge the quality and relevancy of content? Here the relevancy is extremely important. Many teachers teach irrelevant and hardly related to the demand for exams which is prevalent even in Delhi's famous institutes. 

best coaching institute for Haryana civil services

     1. Syllabus

First, understand the syllabus. It will help you to build an idea about the exam and your reach also. Here syllabus for prelims and mains you have to understand completely before proceeding further. Once you know the syllabus at least you are sure that nobody can misguide you or compel any marketing to misguide you. For a detailed syllabus visit Prelims syllabus  and mains syllabus .

      2. Previous year Papers 

  Previous year papers are the most important source of understanding of any exam. Go through previous year's papers of prelims and mains especially of the last conducted exam. We have provided you all previous year's papers for your benefits. Check here for previous year papers. 

     3. Quality of contents 

Nowadays one can easily find on a website, youtube, etc the contents as a sample for any institute. Students can judge and can have an idea about the hardwood and research put in the contents. This exam is not a teacher exam. It is a student exam so the student has to do study if relevant and quality content is provided to the student it will make life easier for the student. 

4. Quantity of the contents 

The student has to check whether the contents provided are enough like videos, PDFs, unit tests, full-length tests, current affairs, paper evaluation facility, and test portal facility. All these tools are an integral part of quality preparation. 

5. Guidance and direction 

True guidance is necessary, however, it is very difficult for a student to understand what is true guidance and misguidance. Sometimes students don't want to listen to true facts. When a person is not ready to accept the true facts, the scope for misguidance becomes very high. A student has to compete with UPSC aspirants, HCS veterans, Doctors, Engineers, candidates preparing for a long time so competition is tough. He should not take lightly however a student can crack the exam on 1st attempt there is no doubt about that. 

Frontier IAS coaching led by Baljit Dhaka sir provides quality, research-based online coaching, and guidance. Students are advised to visit the website www.baljitdhaka.com Frontier IAS website and assess its contents and guidance program. Frontier IAS provides complete coaching for prelims, mains, and interviews. 

Students should also visit and subscribe to the Frontier IAS youtube channel for important updates, current affairs, and sample videos. 

Students can also join HCS online coaching course  and HCS test series.