Ways to prepare for Competitive exams
Baljit Dhaka
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Ways to prepare for Competitive exams

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Ways to prepare for Competitive exams

Exams are an integral part of every student’s life. Starting from UPSC/ HCS/ RAS/ to any other competitive exams, strategy is very important. We all know that to crack any competitive exam in-depth knowledge is a must and how to have that knowledge and how to make its strategy is a point to be properly taken care of.

So without any further introduction let's see how you can study better.

Tip 1: It's never too late to begin

Usually, people might tell you that you are very late to begin, now you cannot beat the exam or you have almost reached the age limit. Never listen to them. The day you decided to accomplish something, that is your day.

Remember that, Starting late will be challenging but never impossible.

Tip 2: Always choose according to your strengths

Never go for something that is not your passion but you are doing that because your friends are doing it. So always choose wisely according to your strengths because every wrong decision will take away your time.

Tip 3: Be enthusiastic and dedicated to what you choose

After proper analysis and thinking you have decided what you aspire to be, so now just remember that, there is no way to look back. 

Once you have decided what you want to achieve, be enthusiastic, dedicated, and full of energy to achieve what you choose. 

Tip 4: Proper schedule to prepare

Now, since exams have been filled, optional have been chosen, now it's time to properly schedule how you will make it through the exam. Proper preparation needs proper scheduling, so make it clear that now you have to do it.

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Tip 5: Proper classification of subjects has to be there

We all know that every competitive exam has a lot many subjects, whether it is Economics, English, science, polity, geography, maths, reasoning, etc, so its proper classification is a must. 

Every subject has its own importance in different subjects. So make sure to properly analyze the weightage of each subject and classify it accordingly.

Tip 6: Expert advice goes a long way

No matter how intelligent you are, how many books you have read, expert advice is a must at every single stage of your study. Make sure you choose your expert wisely. 

You go through the internet, you will find a lot of information regarding this, but make sure you do some research beforehand. Don’t follow someone just by looking at their followers.

Go for quality expertise, rather than just mere followers.

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Tip 7: Start from scratch

Never feel overconfident about your knowledge. Just start from scratch, it's Ok to read something twice, rather than just leaving it for the last moment. Follow one book but make sure it covers every topic.

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Tip 8: Chalk out the planner for the day

For better planning, it is very important to chalk out what you want to achieve every single day. Do not go for a monthly planner, as it wastes time and the most important point is what if you could not achieve it? This way a whole month will be wasted.

So make sure to make a proper journal so that every subject, every topic is covered. 

Tip 9: Practice more MCQ’s

No matter how clear your concepts are, make sure you practice as many MCQs as you can. The reason why every expert or teacher always emphasizes practicing more MCQs is because of the fact that it is difficult to test your knowledge when there are four options.

Examiners make sure that they make such options that make the same sense. That's why practice is a must.

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Tip 10: More emphasis on time management and accuracy for right answers

There are so many students who practice a lot of MCQs but do not get many correct answers. So firstly make sure that you have nicely gone through concepts before practicing MCQ and try to find the area where you get more wrong questions.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, it is very important to have a just amount of breaks in between every study hour. This is not a tip but something one should surely do.

Just remember that sitting for 10 to 12 hours will not make you intelligent, study wisely with adequate amounts of study material, expert guidance, and proper resting. 

Thank You.

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