Previous year question paper-2 Federalism and local governance
Baljit Dhaka
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Previous year question paper-2 Federalism and local governance

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Federalism & Local Governance:

  1. Though the federal principle is dominant in our Constitution and that principle is one of its basic features, but it is equally true that federalism under the Indian Constitution leans in favor of a strong Centre, a feature that militates against the concept of strong federalism. (2014/paper-2/marks-12.5) 200 words
  1. The concept of cooperative federalism has been increasingly emphasized in recent years. Highlight the drawbacks in the existing structure and the extent to which cooperative federalism would answer the shortcomings. (2015/paper-2/marks-12.5) 200 words 
  1. In the absence of well – educated and organized local level government system, Panchayats and Samitis have remained mainly political institutions and not effective instruments of governance. Critically Discuss. (2015/paper-2/marks-12.5) 200 words
  1. Discuss the essentials of the 69th Constitutional Amendment Act and anomalies, if any that have led to recent reported conflicts between the elected representatives and the institution of the Lieutenant Governor in the administration of Delhi. Do you think that this will give rise to a new trend in the functioning of Indian federal politics? (2016/paper-2/marks-12.5) 200 words 
  1. To what extent is Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, bearing the marginal note “Temporary provision concerning the State of Jammu and Kashmir”, temporary? Discuss the prospects of this provision in the context of Indian polity. (2016/paper-2/marks-12.5) 200 words 
  1. Did the Government of India Act, 1935 lay down a federal constitution? Discuss (2016/paper-2/marks-12.5) 200 words 
  1. “The local self-government system in India has not proved to be an effective instrument of governance”. Critically examine the statement and give your views to improve the situation. (2017/paper-2/marks-10) 150 words 
  1. Whether the Supreme Court Judgement (July 2018) can settle the political tussle between the Lt. Governor and elected government of Delhi? Examine. (2018/paper-2/marks-15) 250 words
  1. How is the Finance Commission of India constituted? What do you know about the terms of reference of the recently constituted Finance Commission? Discuss. (2018/paper-2/marks-15) 250 words
  1. Assess the importance of the Panchayat system in India as a part of the local government. Apart from government grants, what sources the Panchayats can look out for financing developmental projects? (2018/paper-2/marks-15) 250 words
  1. From the resolution of contentious issues regarding the distribution of legislative powers by the courts, the ‘Principle of Federal Supremacy’ and ‘Harmonious Construction’ have emerged. Explain. (2019/paper-2/marks-10) 150 words
  1. “The reservation of seats for women in the institutions of local self- the government has had a limited impact on the patriarchal character of the Indian Political Process.” Comment. (2019/paper-2/marks-15) 250 words