How to stay motivated during this coronavirus pandemic?
Baljit Dhaka

How to stay motivated during this coronavirus pandemic?

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How to stay motivated during this coronavirus pandemic?

Since human beings are like five fingers of the hand, different shapes, and sizes. The same way effect of this pandemic is different for every single person worldwide. Although we are at home with our family and loved ones, everyone still felt some emptiness in their lives. This led to a lack of interest in their official work or maybe studies, in the case of students. 

So today, we are going to talk about a few tips and tricks to stay motivated during this hard time of pandemic known as CORONAVIRUS.

Tip 1: Accept the Reality

The first and foremost important thing is to accept the reality that we are actually going through a pandemic. It is OK to be vulnerable. It is Ok to feel demotivated. 

Trust my words, the day you will accept this, you will be the happiest person.

Tip 2: Make a routine

Now again, this might sound so weird and difficult to make and maintain a routine during this pandemic but once you are in it, you will automatically feel motivated.

Let me mention that making a routine does not mean getting up at 4 or 5 in the morning. By routine, I mean that you should make sure that you are not wasting time by just sitting in one place and doing nothing.

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Tip 3: Try new things

Now before anything else, let me mention that people assume this tip in the wrong sense. 

The person who is already demotivated after reading the point of new things simply does nothing.

So for me, new things always mean doing something new which I already love doing.

Let me explain this thing with an example: I love cooking food. So new things can be trying different types of recipes and dishes.

Tip 4: Stay in touch with your loved ones:

We are in a situation where meeting someone in person is a great fear but at the same time, this quarantine mode is very difficult to cross without them.

So try to be in touch with your friends and family to stay positive throughout.

Tip 5: Avoid negativity

As we know this pandemic has affected a huge amount of people worldwide and it is very difficult to avoid this news. But let me mention over here, this virus had adverse effects on those who became psychologically vulnerable. 

So try to avoid watching the news concerning this pandemic. You should know only the information that is required, not the one which will make you an insomniac.