How to prepare for current affairs for UPSC
Baljit Dhaka

How to prepare for current affairs for UPSC?

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How to prepare for current affairs for UPSC?

Current affair is one of the most important subjects in the UPSC exam syllabus. The section appears in all the stages of the examination- Prelims, Mains & in the interview. 

Current affairs are an important part, but there is no defined syllabus for both prelims & mains examination.

So here now we will discuss some important strategies for how we can prepare for Current Affairs for the UPSC examination. 

How to prepare for current affairs for UPSC?

Some important tips on how to prepare for current affairs 

Tip 1: Focus on issues, not on the news

Students should understand deeply that why this news has arisen? They should know the place of the incident, why and where this incident happened? In UPSC generally, questions are asked on the issues that are in the news. So, focusing on the issues is the most important part to prepare the current affairs. You must understand the issues of the news and then make notes on them. 

Tip 2: Make Notes

One of the most important tip to prepare the current affairs is to make notes on daily basis. You should focus on making notes online or offline. Make topic-wise-notes, so that the information related to a single topic will be covered in one place. 

Make your notes short and up to the point. Make pointer, flowcharts etc, so that your concept will be clear & you will remember everything. 

Tip 3: Choose Your Sources Wisely

The major problem with current affairs arises when you delude yourself with a huge amount of study material. Focus on wise sources of study material. Choose quality over quantity. 

Some important current affairs sources are:

  • The Hindu
  • Newspapers
  • Monthly Current affairs Magazines
  • Internet
  • All India Radio

Tip 4: Make a proper Timetable

It is very obvious to mugged up when it comes to giving an exam, and to avoid that a student should focus on making a proper timetable for the preparation of the exam. One should finish reading the daily current affairs within 2 hours.

Tip 5: Revision

If you really want to clear your UPSC civil services exam, then you should focus on constant revision. The only way to revise current affairs is to follow the news on regular basis and make a note. 

It will take less time to prepare for current affairs as to keep reading and become regular at it.

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