Haryana PCS Mains Paper 2014: General Studies Frontier IAS
Baljit Dhaka

Haryana PCS Mains Paper 2014: General Studies Frontier IAS

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Haryana PCS Mains Paper 2014

HCS Mains General Studies Optional Paper 2014

Haryana PCS Mains Paper 2014: In this topic, we will discuss Haryana PCS mains general studies paper 2014.

Time : 3 Hours                                                                                                                       M.M. : 100

Note: (1) All Questions are Compulsory. 

(2) The number of marks carried by each question is indicated at the end of the question 

(3) Clearly mention question number and part number before attempting 

(4) The part of the same question must be answered together and must not be interposed between answers to other questions. 

(5) Limit your answer to the word limits mentioned for each part. Divide your time proportionately for each question. 

(6) In case of any discrepancy in the English and Hindi versions, English version will taken as final.


Q1. (a) In order to provide "Power for All" 24/7 in India, which is the best electricity generation method? Give reasons (About 200 word)  (7)

(b) Discuss the essential steps required for making India digital. ( About 100 words) (4)

(c) write briefly on any four out of the following: (About 40 words each) (1X4=4) 

(i) Nuclear energy 

(ii) Digi locker 

(iii) Digital depository 

(iv) Smart cities 

(v) Call drop 

(vi) Bullet Train

Q2. (a) Discuss about New Pension Scheme drawing comparison with old pension scheme.  (About 200 word) (7)

(b) Write briefly on any four out of the following: (About 40 words each) (1X4=4)

(i) Call Option 

(ii) Shares/Stocks 

(iii) Bonds 

(iv) Mutual funds 

(v) Gold Monetisation 

(vi) Investment Portfolio 

(c) Write a policy recommendation on Foreign Direct Investment in India based on the interpretation of the data given in the following table: (About 150 words)  (4)




Rs. In Crores

% of Total FDI














Hotel & Tourism




Scientific Instruments




Q3. (a) Describe the reasons for earthquake and suggest measures for the construction of earthquake safe building. (About 200 word) (7)

(b) Write briefly about the following: (40 words each) (4) 

(i) Acoustics 

(ii) Green building 

(iii) Wasteland 

(iv) Organic farming

(c) What is the status of Livestock in India? Write about the role of Animal Husbandry Department to improve the condition of Livestock. (About 20 words)         

Q4. (a) What is Polio? Enumerate at least four steps taken by the government to eradicate Polio. (About 200 word) (7)

(b) How to increase nutritional value of a crop? (about 100 words) (3)

Q5. (a) Describe the role and achievement of "Azad Hind Fauj' or 'Indian National Army' in the struggle of independence of India. (About 200 word) (7)

(b) Write about the merits of keeping Education in the concurrent list. (about 100 words) 5. (c) Write briefly on the following: (40 words each) (5)

(i) Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act 

(ii) Juvenile Justice Act 

(iii) Persons With Disability Act 

(iv) National Trust Act 

(v) Mental Health Act 

Q6. (a) Discuss National Curriculum Framework Policy for K-12 Education in the Country. Highlight challenges for its implementation. (About 200 word) (7)

(b) Write briefly on any three of the following: (40 words each) (3)

(i)Choice Based Credit System 

(ii)Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation system 

(iii)No Detention Policy 

(iv)Quality Control of Educational Institutions 

(v)Foreign University Bill

Q7. (a) Why Muhammed Bin Tughluq is called Mad Badshah? Give two reasons.  (About 200 word)  (7) 

(b) Write briefly on the following: (30 words each) (5)

(i) Kumbh Mela 

(ii) Rath Yatra of Puri 

(iii) Kanwariyas 

(iv) Ram Leela 

(v) Procession of Muharram 

(c) Write the uses of the following Softwares: (40 words each) (4)

(i) Kurzweil 

(ii) Primavera 

(d) Write the main theme of any four books out of the following books. : (40 words each) (4)

(i) Discovery of India 

(ii) Kadambari 

(iii) Arthshastra 

(iv) Aapka Bunty 

(v) Seven Habits of Highly Effective People