HPSC Previous Year Optional Paper 2003: English Literature
Baljit Dhaka
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HPSC Previous Year Optional Paper 2003: English Literature

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HCS Mains optional Paper English Literature -2003

HPSC Previous Year Optional Paper 2003: In this post, we will discuss HPSC HCS mains English literature optional paper 2003.

Time: 3 Hours                                                                                                                                        Marks: 150

Note: Attempt any Five questions. All questions carry equal marks. Q. No. 1 is compulsory. Answer two questions from Part I and two questions from Part II. The parts of the same question must be answered together and must not be interposed between answers to other questions.

1. Write critical notes on any four of the following:  4X7.5=30 marks
(a) Characteristics of Metaphysical Poetry
(b) Pope’s use of the Heroic couplet 
(c) Supernatural elements in The Tempest
(d) The Stream of Consciousness Novel
(e) Philip Larkin and Movement Poetry 
(f) Modernist element in the poetry of T.S. Eliot.

Part I

2. What are, in your opinion, the achievements and weaknesses of Victorian literature? Answer this question with reference to at least two major writers. 30 marks
3. Explain why Shakespearean tragedies describe the woes of people in high places. Refer to the character of Lear in your answer.  30 marks                                 

4. Comment on the meaning and significance of the title ‘Pride and Prejudice’. 30 marks

Part II

5. Compare and contrast the characters of Miriam and Clara with reference to their relationship to Paul Morel in the novel Sons and Lovers.  30 marks                    

6. Critically analyze the myths and symbols used by Years in his poetry. 30 marks    

7. Attempt an analysis of the salient features of Auden’s poetry with special reference to ‘The Shield of Achilles’ and ‘The Unknown Citizen’. 30 marks