HPSC Mains Optional Paper 2003: Zoology Frontier IAS
Baljit Dhaka

HPSC Mains Optional Paper 2003: Zoology Frontier IAS

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HCS Mains Zoology Optional Paper 2003

HPSC Mains Optional Paper 2003: In this post, we will discuss the HCS mains 2003 optional Zoology paper.

Time: 3 hours                                                                                                                       Marks:150

Note: Attempt any Five questions. All questions carry equal marks. Q. No. 1 is compulsory. Answer two questions from Part I and two Questions from Part II. The parts of the same question must be answered together and must not be interposed between answers to other questions.

1. Write critical notes on any four of the following: 4×7.5=30 marks
(a) Polymorphism in Hydrozoa
(b) Induced breeding in Carps
(c) The role of Pheromones in sexual behaviour
(d) Spontaneous and induced mutation
(e) Concept of species and subspecies
(f) Mammalian placental types and their functions.


2. Give an account of the canal system in Sponges. Explain the course of water circulation. How does the water flow maintained and adjusted? What is the significance of canal system to sponge life?  30 marks

3. Describe the dentition in mammals. Give the dental formula of man, dog, and rabbit. 30 marks

4. What do you understand by environmental pollution? How many types of pollutants exist in the biosphere? Discuss the impact of these pollutants on humans.  30 marks


5. What do you understand by -oxidation of fatty acids? Show different biochemical steps involved in the -oxidation of fatty acids.  30 marks

6. Describe the ultrastructure of skeletal muscle and discuss the molecular mechanism of its contraction. 30 marks

7. Describe the ultrastructural morphology of mitochondria in animal cells. Explain the role of mitochondria in Krebs cycle. 30 marks