HPSC Mains 2003 Optional Paper: Political Sci. & Inter. Relations
Baljit Dhaka

HPSC Mains 2003 Optional Paper: Political Sci. & Inter. Relations

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HCS Mains Optional Paper 2003- Political Science and International Relations

HPSC Mains 2003 Optional Paper: In this post, we will discuss the HCS mains 2003 optional  Political Science and International Relations paper.

Time: 3 hours                                                                                                                            Marks:150

Note: Attempt any Five questions. All questions carry equal marks. Q. No. 1 is compulsory. Answer two questions from Part I and two Questions from Part II. The parts of the same question must be answered together and must not be interposed between answers to other questions.

1. Write brief notes on any four of the following: 4×7.5=30 marks
(a) “The State is the march of God on earth”. Comment.
(b) Explain the fascists features in Plato’s thought. 
(c) Comment on the freedom of religious conversions in the light of the deliberations in the Constituent Assembly.
(d) What is the function of the Balance of Power? How is the Balance of Power maintained?
(e)What are India’s objections to CTBT and NPT?
(f) What are the chief components of a Great Power? Illustrate where possible.


2. Trace the development of Behavioural and Post-Behavioural studies in Political Science. In what way are they different from traditional political science.  30 marks

3. Explain the concept of secularism in the context of India. Illustrate your answer with case law.  30 marks

4. What are the main defects in the Indian Electoral System? Suggest reforms to make the elections free and fair in the light of the guidelines of the Supreme Court. 30 marks


5. Explain Morton Kaplan’s System Theory. Assess its importance in contemporary International Relations. 30 marks

6. Discuss the nature, origin and stages of cold war and its impact on global politics.  30 marks

7. Explain The dynamics of negotiated settlement of Sino-Indian border dispute and confidence building measures.  30 marks