HCS mains botany optional paper 2004 Frontier IAS
Baljit Dhaka

HCS mains botany optional paper 2004 Frontier IAS

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HCS mains botany optional paper 2004

HCS Mains 2004 -Botany 

Note : Attempt Five questions in all. All questions carry equal marks. Q. No.l is compulsory. Answer two questions from Part l and two questions from Part ll. The parts of the same question must be answered together and must not be interposed between answers to other questions.

1. Write critical notes on any four of the following:    ( 4X 7.5 =30) 

a) Economic importance of fungi 

b) Male sterility in plants

c) Role of phytochrome in photoperiodism 

d) USe of apomixis in plant breeding 

e) Seed habit and its significance in Sillagenales 

f) Biostatistics and its application. 



a) Write different mode of preservation of microorganisms. (10)

b) Describe in brief the reproductive behaviour of lichens.(10) 

c) Describe the life-cycle of the bacteriophage  (10)


a) Explain the mechanism of dispersal of spores in moss.  (10) 

b) What are medullary vascular bundles? Describe with reference to anomalous secondary growth in Boerhaavia. (10) 

c) Role of phosphate solubilizing bacteria in agriculture. (10) 


a) Write about the endemic plants of India.    (10) 

b) Explain diagrammatically the floral features of Solanaceae and Compositae.  (10) 

c) Write the botanical name and its economic importance of the following: 

(i) Opium

(ii) Ginger

(iii) Cinchona

(iv) Turmeric

(V) Cardamom                 (5X 2 =10) 



a) Define Euchromatin and heterochromatin. Discuss the chemical composition of chromosomes found in higher plants. (10) 

b) What is allopolyploid? Discuss the method of development of Triticales on commercial scale. (10) 

c) How does operon regulate the metabolic processes in prokaryotes? Explain with a suitable example.   (10) 


a) Explain the process of oxidative phosphorylation for the synthesis of ATP.  (10) 

b) Auxin-Cytokinin ratio affects root-shoot development in callus. Justify. (10 ) 

c) What is Heterosis? How does the physical basis of gene transfer help in crop improvement?   (10) 


a) What is the concept of Biodiversity? Describe the different strategies used for biodiversity conservation. (10)

b) What are the impacts of global warming on the plant community? Discuss their causes and remedies? (10) 

c) How can we produce Recombinant DNA? Describe their applications in producing transgenic plants.   (10)