HCS mains 2004 general studies question paper
Baljit Dhaka
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HCS mains 2004 general studies question paper

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HCS mains 2004 general studies question paper

HCS Mains 2004 General Studies (Code-26) 

Time : 3 Hours              Maximum Marks : 100

Note : (i) All questions are compulsory. 

(ii) The number of marks carried by each question is indicated at the end of the question.

(iii) Clearly mention question number and part number before attempting.

(iv) The parts of the same question must be answered together and must not be interposed between answers to other questions.

(v) Limit your answer to the word limits mentioned for each part. Divide your time proportionately for each question. 

1.(a) Discuss the general impact of British rule on the Indian economy. How British rule transformed Indian ' economy into a backward and colonial economy ?

(b) Discuss the post—Second World War events which led to India's Independence.      (About 125 words) (4) 

(c) Write briefly on the following (About 20 words on each) : (8X 0.5=4)

(i) Pushkar Fair 

(ii) Id—ul—Fitr 

(iii) Bagh caves

(iv) Gol Gumbaz

(v) Giddha

(vi) Kathakali and Kathak

(vii) Amrita Shergil

(viii) E. B. Havell

2. (a) Discuss the various steps to stabilise and elevate the crop production in dry land  areas. (About 200 words) (7)

(b) Write a short note on soil conservation. (About 125 words) (4)

3. Write brief notes. ( About 40 words each) ( 4X 1=4)

(i) Under water nodules

(ii) Acid rain

(iii) Remote sensing in~agriculture 

(iv) Social forestry and agro-forestry

3. (a) The Supreme Court is a guardian of the Constitution. Discuss. (About 200 words) (7)

(b) Discuss the role of the pressure group in Indian politics. (About 125 words) (4)

(c) Write briefly on the following (About 40 words on each) : (4 X1= 4)

(i) Electoral College for election of  President

(ii) Rigid Constitution

(iii) Equality of Opportunity

(iv) Preventive Detention


  1. (a) Is coalition inevitable in Indian politics? Discuss the pros‘ and cons of coalition politics. (About 200 words) (7)

(b) How Rashtriya Jansankhya Kosh(National Population Stabilisation Fund) will help in achieving a stable population ?

(About 125 words) (4)

(c) Why were the following persons, places etc. in news recently ? (About 40 words on each) (8X 0.5 = 4) 

(i) Mahinda Rajapakse 

(ii) M.S. Swaminathan

(iii) Jayant Vishnu Narlikar

(iv) Athens 

(v) Al Hoceima 

(vi) Dinajpur

(vii) Varuna, 2004

(viii) Saras 

5. (a)  Discuss various anti-poverty employment programmes launched in the last few decades by the Government to alleviate rural poverty. (About 200 words) (7)

(b) What do you mean by In?ation ? How can  it be controlled ? (About 125 words) (4)

(c) Write briefly on the following (About 40 words on each) : (4x1=4)

(i) Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Net National Product (NNP)

(ii) Balance of Payment (BOP) 

(iii) Liberalisation

(iv) Parallel Economy 

6. (a) What do you understand by Green Revolution ? What factors contributed to it ? Discuss its impact. (About 200 words)  (7)

(b) What do you understand about the ‘ozone hole’ ? How is it formed and Where has it been detected ? (About 125 words) (4)

(c) Write briefly on the following (About 40 words each) : (4x1 = 4)


(ii) CFCs

(iii) Radio isotopes

(iv) DNA 


7. Given below is data of 80 magnetic tapes. 

Lenghts of 80 magnetic tapes

Length (in meters)            Frequency 

0-360                                2

360-365                           10 

365-370                            14

370-375                             24 

375-380                              17

380-385                              5 

385-390                              4

390-395                               4 

Draw a frequency polygon on the histogram of the data and also determine the number of tapes less than 385 meters in length. (4) 

(b) On Thursday, 20 of the 25 students in a chemistry class took a test, and their average was 80. On Friday, the other 5 students took the test, and their average was 90. What was the average for the entire class?(3) 

(c) A 50 meters long train crossed a cyclist going in the opposite direction at the rate of 7 Km per hour and passes him in 3.6 seconds. At what speed is the train moving? (3)