HCS Mains Optional Paper 2014: English Literature Frontier IAS
Baljit Dhaka
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HCS Mains Optional Paper 2014: English Literature Frontier IAS

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HCS Mains Optional Paper 2014

HCS Mains English Literature Optional Paper 2014

Time : 3 Hours                                                                                                                                  M.M.: 150
Note i) Attempt five questions in all. All questions carry equal marks. Question number 1 is compulsory. Answer any two questions from part I and two questions from part II. The Parts of the same questions must be answered together and must not be interposed between answers of other questions. 

Ques.1-Write critical notes on any four of the following (4×7.5=30). 

a. "The good morrow "may be seen as a door to the poet's theme of constancy in love": explain

b. Describe the "Blessed mood" of Wordsworth as explained in "Tintern Abbey" 

c. Discuss the significance of subplot in KING LEAR 

d. Significance of the title"Pride and Prejudice" 

e. Discuss Laforgian technique in LOVE SONG of J.Alfred Prufrock

f. Who were "Metaphysical poets"?What were the main characteristics?

                                                              Part 1

2. Critically examine the theme of forgiveness in the play"THE TEMPEST. 

3. "Pope is pre-eminently a satirist"; discuss and illustrate with special reference to the"Rape of lock". 

4. "Dickens was a great social reformer and his novel HARD TIMES belong to the HUMANITARIAN MOVEMENT": Discuss.

                                                             Part 2

5. Give a critical appreciation of Auden's "lN Memory of W.B.YEATS. 

6. Illustrate the stream of consciousness technique in Virginia Wolf's "Mrs.Dalloway" 

7. Discuss the art of characterization in the novel "Kanthapura".