HCS Mains 2017-18 Public Administration Optional Paper
Baljit Dhaka

HCS Mains 2017-18 Public Administration Optional Paper

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HCS Mains Public Administration Optional Paper 2017-18

Public Administration

HPSC Mains Paper 2017-18: In this topic, we will discuss Haryana PCS Mains Public Administration Optional Paper 2017-18.

Time : 3 Hours                                                                                              Maximum Marks: 100

Note :  (1) All questions are compulsory.

(2) The number of marks carried by each question is indicated at the end of the question

(3) Clearly mention question number and part number before attempting.

(4) The part of the same question must be answered together and must not be interposed between answers for each question.

(5) Limit your answers to the word limits mentioned for each part. Divide your time proportionately for each question.

(6) In case of any discrepancy in the English and Hindi versions, the English version will be taken as final.

1. Write short notes on any four of the following: 7.5×4=30 marks
(a) ‘Public Administration is concerned with the execution of Public Policies’. Comment.
(b) ‘Authority and Responsibility goes together’. Examine.
(c) Comment on ways and means of parliamentary control over public finance.
(d) Discuss the British legacies to Indian Administration.
(e) Comment on Ministerial responsibility in a Parliamentary system.
(f) Describe the need and importance of the Directive Principles of State Policy.


2. Examine the contribution of the classical theory of organization to public administration. 30 marks
3. Discuss the need and importance of integrity in Administration. 30 marks
4. Describe in brief the meaning, scope, and significance of development administration. 30 marks


5. Analyse the peacetime powers of the Indian President. 30 marks
6. “Law and order is a more challenging task before District Magistrate at present.” Comment 30 marks
7. “The office of the C&AG of India is a constitutional device to ensure parliamentary accountability, federal supervision and expert administrative control over expenditure in the financial administration of the nation”. Evaluate. 30 marks