HCS 30th May exam postponed officially - Frontier IAS
Baljit Dhaka
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HCS 30th May exam postponed officially for 4-5 months atleast

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HCS 30th May exam postponed officially - Frontier IAS

As it was expected that Haryana Public Service Commission has published a notification on its official website for the postponement of the exam for an infinite period. However, the commission has assured aspirants that at least 15 days before the exam, they will be informed. 

HCS 30th May exam postponed officially

Let us analyze the impact of postponement on aspirants.

The positive impact of HCS exam postponement

  1. Students will have more time to prepare. Many students were not ready and started late to prepare for the exam. They were worried that if the exam happens on 30th May, they may not score well as their preparation level was not up to the mark. 
  2. Students will get more time for mock tests, MCQ practice, and revision. This will make the exam level playing field for all otherwise those students who were giving this exam the first time would have been in tough competition with veterans and UPSC aspirants. 
  3. Mental health due to covid-19 explosion in recent few days was making students feel nervous. They have to this exam in such a condition which is beyond imagination. 
  4. Students will get a chance to take coaching, test series, notes, etc that can be utilized properly and can be game-changers now. 

The negative impact of HCS exam postponement

  1. Many students were fully ready for the exam and they were preparing for a long time. Now their momentum may break and they will face competition from those who will cover-up. 
  2. Many aspirants plan for HPSC, UPSC, and state exams. If one exam is postponed then its impact will be on other exams as well for preparation,. Students come under pressure and become confused in uncertainty. 
  3. Many students would have taken leave or break from jobs if the exam is not conducted on time that may impact their overall planning now and at the crucial time they may have to join their job again. 


Use this opportunity in the best possible manner in your favor. Stay home, stay safe, and do study. All the best !!