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Baljit Dhaka
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Daily Current Affairs Today 13th February 2021

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Current Affairs

Daily Current Affairs Today 13th February 2021

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Previous Quiz

Que1.किस राज्य सरकार ने COVID-19 Warrior Memorial के निर्माण की घोषणा की है?/Which state government has announced the construction of a COVID-19 Warrior Memorial?


Que2. विज्ञान में महिलाओं और लड़कियों का अंतर्राष्ट्रीय दिवस कब मनाया जाता है?

When is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science observed?

11 फरवरी/February 11

Today's Current Affairs

Q1.किस देश ने हाल ही में एक बहुराष्ट्रीय समुद्री अभ्यास "अमन" आयोजित किया है?

(a) रूस

(b) चीन

(c) पाकिस्तान

(d) अमेरिका 

Q1. Which country has organized the multinational maritime exercise “Aman”?

(a) Russia

(b) China

(c) Pakistan 

(d) USA 

  • Pakistan Navy has organized Exercise Aman off the coast of Karachi from February 11 to 16, 2021. 
  • A total of 46 countries including the US, China, Russia, the UK, Turkey, Iran, Indonesia are participating. 
  • Russia will join the military drill with NATO members for the first time in a decade, a development considered significant. The last time Russian and NATO naval forces took part in a joint exercise was at the Bold Monarch 2011 off the coast of Spain.
  • Organized under the slogan, 'Together for Peace,' Pakistan Navy says the exercise is aimed at “fostering international cooperation to fight piracy, terrorism, and other crimes,” which pose a threat to maritime security and stability.

Q2.विश्व यूनानी दिवस कब मनाया जाता है?

(a) 10 फरवरी

(b) 11 फरवरी

(c) 12 फरवरी

(d) 13 फरवरी

Q2. When is World Unani Day observed?

(a) February 10

(b) February 11

(c) February 12

(d) February 13

  • World Unani Day is observed every year on 11th February. 
  • This day is celebrated every year to mark the birth anniversary of great Unani scholar and social reformer Hakim Ajmal Khan.
  • He was an eminent Indian Unani physician  
  • He was one of the founders of the Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi.
  • The main objective of World Unani Day is to spread awareness about health care delivery through the Unani system of medicine through its preventive and curative philosophy.

 Q3.बुशफायर (bushfire) नामक इमेज के लिए "वाइल्डलाइफ़ फ़ोटोग्राफ़र ऑफ़ द ईयर पीपुल्स च्वाइस अवार्ड"  किसने जीता हैं?

(a) सुधीर शिवराम

(b) रॉबर्ट इरविन

(c) ब्रायन स्केरी

(d) विल लुकास

Q3. Who has won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice Award for the image titled ‘bushfire’?

(a) Sudhir Shivaram

(b) Robert Irwin

(c) Brian Skerry

(d) Will Lucas

  • An Australian wildlife photographer; Robert Irwin has won the first prize in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice Award Contest.
  •  Robert won the award for the image titled ‘bushfire’, which is the picture of the devastating Australian Bushfire in 2020, he captured using a drone, near the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve in Cape York, Queensland. 
  • The image shows a line of fire burning in between the bushes, dividing it into parts.

Q4.विज्ञान एवं प्रौद्योगिकी विभाग के थिंक टैंक TIFAC; ने हाल ही में कौन सा नौकरी पोर्टल लॉन्च किया है?





Q4. TIFAC; a think tank under the Department of Science and Technology has recently launched which job portal? 





  • A think-tank under the Department of Science and Technology; Technology Information, Forecasting, and Assessment Council (TIFAC) has launched a SAKSHAM job portal and a Seaweed cultivation mission on the occasion of the 34th Foundation Day celebrations. (Feb 10) 
  • SAKSHAM (Shramik Shakti Manch) is a dynamic job portal for mapping the skills of Shramiks and the requirements of MSMEs to directly connect Shramiks with MSMEs and facilitate placement of 10 lakh blue-collar jobs.
  • Seaweed Mission is the farming of seaweeds and its processing for value addition towards boosting the national economy 
  • Dr. V.K. Saraswat, Member Science, NITI Aayog and Chairman-TIFAC
  • The SAKSHAM job portal will help eliminate middlemen/labor contractors as well as help identification of skill proficiency level and development of Skill Cards for Shramiks.

Q5.किस राज्य की भीमबेटका गुफाओं में भारतीय भूवैज्ञानिक सर्वेक्षण ने दुनिया के सबसे पुराने जानवर का जीवाश्म पाया गया हैं?

(a) ओडिशा

(b) मध्य प्रदेश

(c) महाराष्ट्र

(d) आंध्र प्रदेश

Q5. In which state’s Bhimbetka caves has the Geological Survey of India discovered fossils of the world's ‘oldest animal’?

(a) Odisha 

(b) Madhya Pradesh 

(c) Maharashtra 

(d) Andhra Pradesh 

  • Experts of the Geological Survey of India have discovered a fossil of the world's ‘oldest animal’ in Bhimbetka caves in Madhya Pradesh. 
  • It has been found on the roof of ‘Auditorium Cave’.
  • It could be the first-ever fossil of ‘Dickinsonia’, the Earth’s 'oldest animal, in India.
  • The fossil is 17 inches long and it can help scientists in finding many answers about the evolution of life.

Q6. हाल ही में किस अभिनेत्री का संस्मरण "Unfinished" लॉन्च किया गया है?

(a) कंगना रनौत

(b) प्रियंका चोपड़ा

(c) आलिया भट्ट

(d) दीपिका पादुकोण

Q6. Which actress's memoir "Unfinished" has been launched recently?

(a) Kangana Ranaut

(b) Priyanka Chopra

(c) Alia Bhatt

(d) Deepika Padukone

  • Priyanka Chopra Jonas' memoir Unfinished is out. 
  • And within a day (it came out on February 9) it has already climbed the charts both in India and in The United States.
  • On Amazon.com, the book is listed as the Number 1 bestseller while on Amazon.in, it has been certified as a bestseller.

Q7.विश्व रेडियो दिवस 2021 की थीम क्या है?

(a) Tolerance and Peace

(b) New World, New Radio

(c) Radio and diversity

(d) Radio and pandemic

Q7. What is the theme of World Radio Day 2021?

(a) Tolerance and Peace

(b) New World, New Radio

(c) Radio and diversity

(d) Radio and pandemic

  • World Radio Day 2021 will be celebrated all over the world on February 13, 2021. 
  • The proclamation of UNESCO member states was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2013 to celebrate February 13 as World Radio Day. 
  • This year the celebration of the 10th anniversary of World Radio Day with the theme ‘New World, New Radio’. 
  • This edition of World Radio Day is divided into three main sub-themes:
  • EVOLUTION. The world changes, radio evolves. 
  • INNOVATION. The world changes, radio adapts and innovates. 
  • CONNECTION. The world changes, radio connects.

Q8.किस राज्य ने हाल ही में भारतीय स्टेट बैंक के साथ ई-चालान को लागू करने के लिए एक समझौता ज्ञापन पर हस्ताक्षर किए हैं?

(a) त्रिपुरा

(b) मेघालय

(c) नागालैंड

(d) मणिपुर

Q8. Which state has recently signed an MoU with the State Bank of India to implement e-Challan?

(a) Tripura 

(b) Meghalaya

(c) Nagaland

(d) Manipur 

  • The Meghalaya Police has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the State Bank of India to implement e-Challan within the jurisdiction of Shillong Traffic Police.
  • The e-Challan system is a digital traffic enforcement solution.
  • The system has been integrated with VAHAN & SARATHI applications and this will enable the Traffic Officials to fetch the details of the traffic violator such as vehicle and driver’s details through these applications.

Q9.40वें INCA अंतर्राष्ट्रीय कांग्रेस का आयोजन किस शहर में किया गया है?

(a) मुंबई

(b) हैदराबाद

(c) बैंगलोर

(d) कोलकाता

Q9. The 40th INCA International Congress has been held in which city?

(a) Mumbai 

(b) Hyderabad

(c) Bangalore 

(d) Kolkata 

  • National Atlas & Thematic Mapping Organisation (NATMO), under the Union Ministry of Science & Technology, has organized the 40th INCA International Congress in Kolkata.
  • This Congress is being held both in physical and virtual mode.
  • He highlighted various activities taken for differently-abled people.
  • Indian National Cartographic Association (INCA), the only professional body of cartographers and geospatial technologists, was founded on August 7, 1979, at Hyderabad.

Q10.हाल ही में 12वें विश्व पैरा एथलेटिक्स ग्रां प्री, दुबई में किस भारतीय ने स्वर्ण पदक जीता है?

(a) निमिषा सुरेश

(b) देवेंद्र कुमार

(c) प्रणव देसाई

(d) दोनों (a) और (b)

Q10.Which Indian para-athlete has recently won gold at the  12th World Para Athletics Grand Prix, Dubai?

(a) Nimisha Suresh

(b) Devender Kumar 

(c) Pranav Desai 

(d) Both (a) and (b) 

  • Para-athletes Devender Kumar and Nimisha Suresh won a gold each at the 12th World Para Athletics Grand Prix, Dubai. 
  • India has won six medals on an opening day.
  • Devender cleared a distance of 50.61m in his second attempt to take the gold in the men's discus throw F-44 event, while Nimisha claimed gold in the women's long jump event with an effort of 5.25m.

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