Best book for Haryana GK for HPSC HCS exam by Frontier IAS
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Best book for Haryana GK for HPSC HCS exam by Frontier IAS

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Best book for Haryana GK for HPSC HCS exam by Frontier IAS

Frontier IAS is the no.1 Coaching institute for the HCS exam conducted by HPSC. So the institute does a lot of research and develops content accordingly. 

In this process Frontier IAS has developed contents keeping in HCS, Naib Tehsildar, and other Haryana exams where Haryana GK plays a role. 

Haryana ebook & Videos for HPSC Exam Preparation

  1. Evolution of politics of Haryana after India’s independence 
  2. Timeline of chief ministers of Haryana 
  3. President rule and Governors in Haryana 
  4. Freedomfighters from Haryana 
  5. The important personality of Haryana 
  6. History of Haryana 
  7. Freedom struggle from Haryana 
  8. Culture of Haryana
  9. Haryana Cinema and famous personality related to Cinema
  10. Famous Temples in Haryana
  11. Famous Gurudwara in Haryana
  12. Famous Masjid in Haryana
  13. Famous monuments of Haryana
  14. Famous Fairs (Mela) in Haryana
  15. Famous tourist attractions in Haryana
  16. Famous dances of Haryana
  17. Famous lakes of Haryana
  18. Holy pilgrimage sites in Haryana 
  19. Important music, songs, and instruments in Haryana
  20. Important ornaments in Haryana 
  21. Important costumes of Haryana
  22. State symbols of Haryana 
  23. Famous books, Granth, writers of Haryana
  24. Administrative set up of Haryana 
  25. Famous sports, stadium, and sports persons from Haryana 
  26. Industrial evolution in Haryana 
  27. Famous industries and industrialist of Haryana 
  28. Geography of Haryana
  29. Minerals of Haryana 
  30. Crops in Haryana
  31. Soils in Haryana
  32. Measurements in Haryana
  33. Transportation of Haryana 
  34. IT: Government portals and apps in Haryana
  35. Energy sector of Haryana 
  36. Education sector of Haryana
  37. Research Institutes in Haryana
  38. Rivers and dams in Haryana
  39. Haryana Census and current statistics 
  40. 1st in Haryana 
  41. Head offices of important organizations
  42. Haryana Economy 
  43. Haryana Economy Survey 
  44. Major Government schemes in Haryana 
  45. Haryana Budget 
  46. Haryana council of Ministers and Vidhansabha
  47. Haryana Current Affairs 

District-wise details  

  1. Ambala
  2. Bhiwani    
  3. Charkhi Dadri 
  4. Faridabad    
  5. Fatehabad    
  6. Gurugram  
  7. Hisar    
  8. Jhajjar  
  9. Jind    
  10. Kaithal
  11. Karnal   
  12. Kurukshetra
  13. Mahendragarh  
  14. Nuh    
  15. Palwal
  16. Panchkula    
  17. Panipat  
  18. Rewari  
  19. Rohtak  
  20. Sirsa
  21. Sonipat  
  22. Yamunanagar

These contents will be available to Frontier IAS online coaching students. Those who want to prepare seriously and utilize the best contents should join Frontier IAS HCS online course.