Best book for Haryana GK for HCS exam - Frontier IAS
Baljit Dhaka

Best book for Haryana GK for HCS exam - Frontier IAS

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Best book for Haryana GK for HCS exam - Frontier IAS

About the Exam 

Haryana civil services exam is conducted by Haryana Public Service commission( HPSC). Keeping in mind the previous trends, previous year questions papers of HCS exam, Frontier IAS coaching has developed the best book for Haryana GK. 

What is the difference between HCS exam, HSSC and other exams of Haryana in terms of Haryana GK? 

Usually in HPSC HCS exam questions are asked by economic survey as data is authentic in economic survey like in 2011, 7-8 questions were asked from a single page of economic survey which was the infact first page of economic survey. Similarly we have seen in 2014 and 2019, many questions were asked from economic surveys. Economic survey covers census, government schemes, organizations, departments, ministries, Government initiative, Government portals, Government apps, Agriculture, finance, services, administrative setup information etc. 

It is not just about the economy, infact diverse range of topics are covered. So it is advisable to go through a budget and economic survey. Many books of haryana GK don’t cover economic survey and budget in detail specially the latest one. 

Best book for Haryana GK for HCS exam

Why is the Frontier IAS book for Haryana GK so special for HCS?

Haryana General Knowledge book from Frontier iAS is the best book for HCS exam. As you all know Frontier IAS coaching institute is the premier coaching institute for HCS exam. Being a specialized team for HCS, contents have been developed accordingly keeping the demand of the exam. Contents of the book is developed under the guidance of Baljit Dhaka sir who is a mentor, author, coach for civil services examination. 

Is this book in Hindi or English or bilingual?

This book is written in Hindi and English i.e. this is a bilingual book. One side English is given and along with English, the same contents are translated in Hindi. In other words those who are not comfortable in English, they will get the same quality contents in Hindi. There is no discrimantion with Hindi medium students. 

Few topics specially Haryana culture related even English medium students will find it more useful in Hindi.

Is this book available in Hard copy or Soft copy?

This book is available in printed version i.e. hard copy and ebook version means soft copy (Haryana gk book for hcs pdf) as well. Those students who are more comfortable in reading through the printed version, they can make short notes also. As enough space is given to make notes on the pages as well. In this way this becomes a unique book which provides opportunity for self notes making within the book. 

You can find this ebook ( Haryana gk for hcs pdf ) on Frontier IAS website. 

Are videos available of each topic of the book? 

The best part of the book is that the Frontier IAS team which is the best hcs coaching in Haryana has made videos of each topic. This is the first video book for the HCS exam. In other words videos, ebook/PDFs, printed version Hindi and English everything is synchronised. So a lot of effort has been made to develop this video book or contents for the exam. 

Which are the topics covered in the book? 

This book is divided into two parts. In 1st part topic wise haryana GK for HCS preparation is covered and in 2nd part district wise it is covered. It will help students to understand and memorize the facts in a quicker and better way. Topic wise 46 topics are covered. 

List of these topics are given below to have a look about the contents of the book. After that all 22 districts are covered. 

Part 1: Haryana GK Topic wise 

  1. Evolution of politics of Haryana after India’s independence
  2. Timeline of chief ministers of Haryana
  3. President rule and Governors in Haryana
  4. Freedom fighters from Haryana
  5. The important personality of Haryana
  6. History of Haryana 
  7. Freedom struggle from Haryana
  8. Culture of Haryana
  9. Haryana Cinema and famous personality related to Cinema
  10. Famous Temples in Haryana
  11. Famous Gurudwara in Haryana
  12. Famous Masjid in Haryana
  13. Famous monuments of Haryana
  14. Famous Fairs (Mela) in Haryana
  15. Famous tourist attractions in Haryana
  16. Famous dances of Haryana
  17. Famous lakes of Haryana
  18. Holy pilgrimage sites in Haryana
  19. Important music, songs, and instruments in Haryana
  20. Important ornaments in Haryana
  21. Important costumes of Haryana
  22. State symbols of Haryana
  23. Famous books, Granth, writers of Haryana
  24. Administrative set up of Haryana
  25. Famous sports, stadium, and sports persons from Haryana 
  26. Industrial evolution in Haryana
  27. Famous industries and businessman of Haryana
  28. Geography of Haryana
  29. Minerals of Haryana
  30. Crops in Haryana
  31. Soils in Haryana
  32. Measurements in Haryana
  33. Transportation network of Haryana
  34. IT: Government portals and apps in Haryana
  35. Energy sector of Haryana
  36. Education sector of Haryana
  37. Research Institutes in Haryana
  38. Rivers and dams in Haryana
  39. Haryana Census and current statistics
  40. 1st in Haryana 
  41. Head offices of important organizations
  42. Haryana Economy
  43. Haryana Economy Survey
  44. Major Government schemes in Haryana
  45. Haryana Budget 
  46. Haryana council of Ministers and Vidhansabha

  Part 2: District-wise details

  1. Ambala
  2. Bhiwani
  3. Charkhi Dadri
  4. Faridabad
  5. Fatehabad
  6. Gurugram
  7. Hisar
  8. Jhajjar
  9. Jind
  10. Kaithal
  11. Karnal
  12. Kurukshetra
  13. Mahendragarh
  14. Nuh
  15. Palwal
  16. Panchkula
  17. Panchkula
  18. Rewari
  19. Rohtak
  20. Sirsa
  21. Sonipat
  22. Yamuna nagar

From where you can purchase this book?

If you are a Frontier IAS student then you will get this printed version of the book if you have purchased it with printed books online course. In the open market this book is not available. Only paid students of Frontier IAS can avail this book. Alternatively you can purchase printed study material of Frontier IAS, in this kit you will get this book. 

Why is this book different from other available books in the market?

There is no specific hcs gk book available in the market for HCS which is latest and covers all topics in this manner. Latest updated data is given in this book. Other books are for all exams not HCS specific. 

Other books like arihant Haryana gk 2020  are not bilingual while this book is bilingual means haryana gk book in english and haryana gk for hcs in hindi. It gives space for making own notes which is very unique. This book is perfect for haryana gk preparation for HCS exam. 

Also this book has video explanations of each chapter while others don’t have. This book is also available in ebook format (Haryana gk book pdf ) to study from anywhere and anytime. You can also use this book as the best haryana gk book for hssc


In nutshell this book is perfect for Haryana civil services exam preparation. There is no need to purchase any other book or notes or watch any other videos or join any coaching. 

We hope this book will prove highly beneficial study material for HCS aspirants. For any suggestion or feedback students can write email to our support team

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