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Naib Tehsildar Syllabus : Exam conducted by HPSC in Haryana

Naib Tehsildar Syllabus : Exam conducted by HPSC in Haryana

Naib Tehsildar Syllabus : Exam conducted by HPSC in Haryana

There are many aspirants who are coming to our academy and they are highly misguided by many bogus sites (advertising sites). People are not understanding which is the officially website of HPSC and other private sources. According to them whatever mentioned on the internet is correct. So they are highly confused and misguided between HCS syllabus and Naib Tehsildar syllabus.

So I am trying to clarify certain things.

Naib Tehsildar 

There will be only one paper of GS. GS will include Indian History, Polity, Geography, Economy , General Science, Haryana, Current. However general mental ability is mentioned but it is not hard core. Generally GS questions are asked for general mental ability also. You can say the syllabus is same for HCS for GS paper in prelims. Nothing is mentioned on HPSC site regarding syllabus but 2013 advertised vacancies of Naib Tehsildar which was postponed had the syllabus which I mentioned. It means the source is HPSC only. Also Naib Tehsildar is not such a big post that candidates need to prepare for 2 optional subjects which even not in IAS.

Visit for Official announcement of Naib tehsildar syllabus 27 June 2014 for the test which was schedule to be conducted on 27th July 2014. This exam is readvertisement of the same vacancies.

Official announcement of the syllabus by HPSC

Question: many websites  have mentioned optional subject in prelims and mains.

My answer is simple: don’t go according to these websites otherwise in the application form you would have found which subject you should fill option. In HCS you have to choose the optional subject when you apply. 

What is the syllabus of HCS then?

Prelims exam  ( Objective Type MCQ format)

GS 100 Marks 100 Questions

One optional subject 100 marks 100 Questions

Naib Tehsildar Syllabus
Naib Tehsildar Syllabus

Main exam ( written descriptive type)
Hindi Compulsory English Compulsory General study (GS) Two optional subjects So these sites have mentioned HCS syllabus which is conducted by HPSC. We will be conducting online test for Naib tehsildar very soon so that candidates would know about sample questions. and syllabus. But first try to differentiate official website of HPSC and private sites. Everything searched through google is not official. Baljit Dhaka Director Frontier IAS coaching Cenre Institute for IAS and HCS coaching Gurudwara Road, Model Town, Hisar 9729327755

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