The Hindu: UPSC IAS / HCS Writing Challenge

The Hindu: UPSC IAS / HCS Writing Challenge

The Hindu: UPSC IAS / HCS Writing Challenge

The Hindu: UPSC IAS / HCS Writing Challenge

The Hindu

Q1. Recently Supreme Court has cancelled all coal block

The Hindu

The Hindu

s (218) allocations made from 1993 to 2011 because of illegal and arbitrary practices. Critically examine its impact. Page 1

Q2. Do you think Judges’ appointment in Supreme Court should be left to judiciary only?  Critically examine implications of NJAC (National Judicial Accountability Bill).  Page 9

Q3. Governor is constitutional post. Appointment of governors is many times on political reasons. Critically examine the appointment of Governors and suggest alternate appointment process that can maintain dignity of constitutional post. Page 1 (Currently in news)

Q4. Do you agree that planning commission is no more required? Trace the role of planning commission from “the independent India’ to modern India.  Page 8

Q5. Do you think that coalition politics era has ended at the centre? Critically examine the relevance of coalition politics in democratic country like India.  Page 8 (The experiment succeeds / general)

Apart from knowledge, skills improvement is must for mains. Few students may have very good knowledge but can not express their views. With practice skills can be improved.

At frontier IAS Coaching centre classes have started from 26th August. Aspirants are encouraged to join coaching classes immediately without waiting of result. Aspirant of civil servants have long term aptitude and patience.

batch timing: 3 PM-6 PM


Monday – Wednesday  3pm-6pm

Thursday & Friday: Tests/ Self Study/ Extra classes if required

Saturday: 2PM-6Pm

Sunday: 10am-5pm

Subjects: GS / Pub Ad/ Sociology/ History / Hindi/ English

Medium: English

Selection for coaching based on academic background and civil services aptitude.

Frontier IAS existing students immediately resume classes.

Don’t waste time on thinking cut off / market speculation. It will disturb your mind and preparations. Keep in mind , expected score market speculation is the business of few so called reputed coaching centres. The reality  is different which a new aspirant does want to understand.

Preparations will never go waste. Don’t waste time.

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  • RAJ

    Q.2 Do you Think Judges Appointment in Supreme court should be left to Judiciary only. Critically Examine Implications of NJAC Bill.

    Ans. The Debate Over the Issue of Appointment of judges in Supreme & High Court is No new to Us. From the first judge case in 1981 (S. P. Gupta vs Union Govt ) Favouring ‘Executive Primacy’ over Judicial in Appointment process to The 2 Judges case where J.S Verma Judgement brought back the powers to Judiciary only & Installation of Collengium System held. This made The Appointment of judges left solely on Judiciary Only.
    Collengium System – CJI + 4 senior Judges of SC
    No System is perfect & So is the The Collengium system ( ‘leaving of Appointment to Judiciary only’)
    Since The Application , Collegiums system have also not enjoyed the status of a so called ‘FAIR’ System. It also gained widespread Criticism having Allegations like Nepotism & Appointment of Some Corrupt Judges.
    1. Burdon On Upper Judiciary:-
    Administrative Burdon due to the lack of a separate Sectriate or Committe dedicated to collection of & checking personal & professional background of Appointees.

    2. Lack of Transparency :-
    It happens to be a ‘closed door Affair’ which have no transparency or Answerablity to Anyone over the Selection Criteria of Specific Judge.

    3. Judges Selecting Judges :-
    1) The Common Drawback in ‘Judges Selecting Judges’ is Nepotism.
    2) Another Shortcoming is that they look only The Techincal Capacitance of their ‘Colleagues’ but there are other aspects like Their Attitude to Gender Justice, His Future or Constitutional Vision , His Social Philosophy & many more that need to be accounted while selecting most Talented & perfect Judge.

    The alternate proposed to the Collengium is the NJAC bill.

    No Doubt, Every Amendement in our Constitution is made with the aim to Remove ‘Faulty’ & bring ‘Better’ but it is its Implementation that Determines its Success or Failure.

    Despite its Advantages of ‘Wider Cover’ & a ‘little more say’ of Executive over the Selection Procedure ,it also have many Drawbacks.

    1) The Selection Criteria of Two eminent person in the commission would be the matter of confusion. In Present Era of Specialization where we have a specialist doctor for each organ of Human Being these two Eminent person having Nothing to do with law could bring unwanted delays or might oppose the Talented Or Eligible Judge due to the Lack of Knowledge of Law & Related matters.

    Another Alarming Fact Can be the Throwing of Governors or Ex- Chief Ministers as these Two Eminent person will definitely be a threat to independence of Judiciary.

    2) In a Recent Incident Retired Justice Katju alleged that Collenguim system allowed a corrupt judge to Advance due to Political Pressure. In Situation is that, in current system where government have so much little power in Appointment is able to Pressurise & Effect the Decision to this level then what would happen when the Government is sitting in the Commision. This is a Red flag to NJAC bill.

    Today We Need a system which can be transparent, free of maximum flaws & can reach to final Appointment without Controversy so that Nobody has primacy & yet Appointment can get made.

  • Raj

    Thankyu Sir 🙂

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