HCS Mains Test Series Public Administration code 2003

HCS Mains Test Series Public Administration code 2003

HCS Mains Test Series Public Administration code 2003

HCS Mains Test Series Public Administration code 2003

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                  HCS Mains

Test Series   Code M 2003

Public Administration   pdf download

Time    3 hours                                       Maximum marks 150

Attempt five questions in all. All questions carry equal marks. Question one is compulsory. Answer two questions from part 1 and two questions from Part 2.The parts of same questions must be answered together and must not be interposed between answers to other questions.

1          Write notes on any four of the following:                                (4*7.5=30)

A             Bureaucracy

B          Performance Appraisal

C         Zero Base Budgeting

D         Line Budgeting

E          Spoils system

F          Estimate Committee

PART 1                                                          (30*2=60)

Q2. Training has proved its incapacity to change the attitudes, behaviour & values of civil servants. Do you agree with this statement?

Q3. Good economics & bad politics cannot coexist in a sound budgetary process. Discuss this statement in the context of the developmental challenges in countries experiencing competitive politics

Q4. “Bureaucracy can exist only where the whole service of the state is removed from the common political life of the people, its chiefs as well as rank and file. Its motives, its objectives, its policy, its standards must be bureaucratic.” Discuss.

PART  2                                                         (30*2=60)

Q5.   Recruitment is the backbone of Public Administration. Explain.

Q6.  Why do public organizations evaluate employees’ performance? How can performance evaluation systems affect employees’ behaviour? How can administration effectively evaluate employees?

Q7. It is said that ‘position classification’, as originally conceived is sound in terms of its operational characterics , but complicated and unresponsive in practice. Why is it still considered better than other models of civil service classification?


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