Biology Notes for UPSC / HPSC / RAS Module 1 Out of 3

Biology Notes for UPSC / HPSC / RAS Module 1 Out of 3

Biology Notes for UPSC / HPSC / RAS Module 1 Out of 3

Biology notes / Life Science module as per the requirement of civil services.

We have divided this module in 3 parts.

Module  1: This will include basic life science / Biology / Test book contents in a  simple way. In other words you need  not to purchase so many NCERTs book / Other books. You can just depend on our notes. It will cover 100% NCERT +. You can study and build concepts in just 1/4th time which you can take to study NCERTs. 1st part is based on class 7th-9th.

Module 2. This will include advance portion of Biology/life science/ agriculture/ health. It will also cover 10th class to selective and relevant portion of NCERT. So you need not study lot of NCERT Books / Reference books. Just go through our easy notes and be proficient in just 1/4th time. In this way your preparation will be so easy you can not imagine.

Module 3. This will include The Hindu/ Current/ Science tech news/ 1000 MCQ on science and Technology. These relevant questions will help you to practice a lot. You will be able to practice on UPSC / HCS/ RAS / UKPSC format. So you need not to collect so many articles from The Hindu / and so so many magazines. You can simply rely our study material. Non science background will find it as a scoring guide.

1st of all, we are launching module 1 and in  due course all modules will be completed by March End. So extremely useful contents for UPSC 2015 and HCS 2015/ RAS.

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