The Hindu Answer writing skills : 14th Oct Articles

The Hindu  Answer writing skills : 14th Oct Articles

The Hindu Answer writing skills : 14th Oct Articles


The Hindu  Answer writing skills : 14th Oct Articles 


I hope you have prepared today’s questions based on articles published in The Hindu 

Q1. After liberalisation quality of civil servants have been swept away by business values borrowed from the developed world and external pressure for inapt reforms. Argue.

Q2. “Protecting a learning sector can lead faster growth and improved welfare”. Critically analyse the statement and discuss how such approach offers new dimension to growth, development and social progress.

Q3. Discuss the development in Indo-American relationship on diverse front. Where do you see heading relationships between the two countries?

Q4. ” Dengue control can never be achieved or sustained without community empowerment and ownership”. Comment.


Q5. Write note on

  • Nirbhay answer
  • Socio economic implications of NREGA

Today’s articles  were 

Denue, Nirbhay, NREGA, Economy, civil servants 14th Oct The Hindu

Page 7

Adding up the nickels and dimes

A multi-sectoral approach to dengue control

Page 9

Nirbhay to be test fired on friday

Continue with NREGA, economists urge Modi

Page 11

Role of learning in the economy

Some reason, some controversial views on civil servants

Page 16

Most Indian women engaged in unpaid housework

Your strategy:

Go through all the above articles In the evening time I will post questions on today’s topics. This way you will able to understand what to prepare and how. Critical thinking abilities is the key. It is not only the knowledge but application of knowledge is important.

My initiative

I will post 5 questions daily. I will help you to prepare your notes, clarity in thought process. You can, in fact should send your answers in comment. Others can evaluate your answers. This approach will reorient how to read newspaper, daily news analysis and writing skills.

Other Topics

Other Topics

Work and Wages

Time and Work


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