28th August : GS Writing Skills challenge

28th August : GS Writing Skills challenge

28th August : GS Writing Skills challenge

28th August 

General Studies

Q1. A democratic republic polity aspires to a government run by elected representatives without involvement in serious criminal offences should be left to the PM’s prerogative. Comment.


General Studies

Q2. Mining sector is facing a challenge of being run smoothly. Discuss Shah Commission recommendation & Supreme Court directions for mining.


General Studies

Q3.  Prohibition of Liquor consumption causes social, economic and political challenges. Few states tried but could not implement successfully. What are the challenges to prohibit liquor?

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Q4. Do you think bilateral agreements & regional pacts are inferior to rule based multilateral trade. Comment

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Business Standard

General Studies

Q5. Due to think poor countries are more vulnerable to spread of epidemic like Ebola virus. Suggest steps India should take to overcome Ebola threats.

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General Studies

Q6. Scientific and technological developments in the field of nuclear energy in India are not confined to the strategic area and to nuclear power generation only but medical, industrial and research uses of ionizing radiation rose manifold over the past few decades. Discuss.

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The WTO’s role as an arbitrator of trade disputes has been established and that needs to remain firmly entrenched as a key objective of the multilateral body to ensure that global trade remains fair.

Another role that WTO may also focus more on is to identify issues such as regulations under the(SPS) and (TBT) agreements that may impact trade in the form of non-tariff barriers. This will be an area where bilateral or regional trade pacts may not be able to perform well.

From September, countries will make a renewed push to put the Doha agenda back on track following the setback in July due to India’s reluctance on moving forward on the trade facilitation piece, citing the need for a larger agenda.

It may be time for some informal discussions in the corridors of the Centre William Rappard, the building in Geneva where the WTO is housed, to check if the approach of countries towards the negotiations needs to change to get some tangible results.





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  • RAJ

    Q.1 A democratic republic aspires to a government run by elected Representatives without involvement in serious criminal offences should be left to the PM’s Prerogative?

    Ans. It is Well Known, The Constitution Framers didn’t even put any disqualification for the Ministers to sit in Government or the Cabinet against whom Criminal Charges are framed, instead they chose to repose faith in the Prime Minister’s Advice but The ‘Time has changed’ , we have come a long way from the day of independence of the country. Today, We can easily notice the prevalence of Corruption & Criminalization of the Politics. In Today’s Time when Ethics of even the Prime Ministers are sometimes put under the Scanner then is it not necessary to put check on the Criminal Record of the ministers coming in Cabinet. A candidate facing any trial in court is not appointed to civil Services because of the allegations against him then these set of rules should also be applicable to Executive as well. Is it not necessary to set ‘No Criminal Record’ as the minimum ‘Qualification’ for Some-one to be called as Minister!

    ‘Will a careful & sensible Master would leave keys of his Locker to the Servant on whose Honesty he doubts?’
    Certainly, No ! Then how can we entrust Executive Power to someone who is already in ‘Conflict’ with the Law.

    Corruption & Criminalization in the Executive can ‘Corrode’ the Democratic Setup of the Country.

    A common Man would always be in fear of the supporter of the criminal Minister who can easily harm people with their power & criminal Activities. It will Eventually Fade Away The Faith of Country people in Executive as well as Judiciary System.
    The Basic Idea of Democracy laid down by Constitution would fade out & Fundamental Rights of the citizens will be snatched. A common man would see everything slipping out of his hand as a Bystander only.

    The Time has come for the people of this Country to Review their choice about the Minister’s who will sit in the Cabinet & The Government & Enjoy the Executive Powers.

  • RAJ

    Q.1 Do you think Poor countries are more vulnerable to spread of Epidemics like Ebola. Suggest steps India should take to overcome Ebola.

    Ans. Be it the ‘Influenza’ during 1st or ‘Typhus’ during 2nd World War, the world have always faced outbreaks which spread panic not only in the affected Areas but also in the locations far away. The last two decade have also seen the world suffering from outbreaks like SARS, Swine, Avian & Bird Flu.
    The latest in this series is the Ebola virus, A highly Infectious disease. On a good note it does not spread through air but the still it can spread through body liquids of infected person.
    Although It erupted only in African countries but its deadly nature with high mortality rate & Non-availability of cure has aroused Panic among other countries as well. It has soon ‘Crossed Borders’
    The Human ‘Conflict’ with nature on the name of Development like Urbanization & Industrialization , Its Increased Contact with Wild Animals Reservoirs & Deteriorating Health care facilities specially in over populated & underdeveloped or developing countries are the main reasons of arousal of such outbreaks like Ebola.
    Certainly Poor Countries are More Vulnerable to spread of these epidemic due to

    Low Health Care Facilities among the ‘Over-sized’ population.

    Poor Infrastructure in Hospitals to handle Affected Person in case of accidental outbreak.

    Lack of Technology & Bio-safety Labs to carry out safe Research for finding cure.

    Unstable Government which fails to take Early steps to control outbreaks in its ‘Probation’ Period.
    Ethics of Developed Countries going all time ‘low’ by showing Resistance in helping poor countries in case of health Hazards.

    Even Being a Developing Country India have a sound Healthcare & Scientific Research Infrastructure . So, Countries like India can take the initiative in working towards the solution to disease like Ebola.
    It’s also an Issue of ‘Medical – Ethics’ to help people in need of health-care.

    In Initial steps, First Cross- Border checking i.e people coming from affected areas should be thoroughly checked to prevent its outbreak in other parts of world.

    India can deploy its Highly Skilled Medical Manpower with all the necessary safety equipments to the affected areas so that its further spread there can be controlled.

    Awareness about this disease & causes of its spread among people there can be spread.

    Basic Safety features like Gloves, masks & basic drugs can be supplies in poor affected countries.

    A full – fledged Scientific & Medical ‘Brigade’ can start ‘fight in Labs’ to come up with its cure as early as possible.

    Not just India but A ‘United World – Effort’ is needed to root out epidemics like Ebola & to prevent its future outbreaks.

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